About us

The Fairfax Young Democrats (FYD)

is a political organization that promotes civic engagement among young people of Fairfax County through education, leadership training, networking, and community service. Through these means, we strive to increase political participation among youth, especially those from under-represented groups. Fairfax Young Democrats is a local chapter of the Virginia Young Democrats. As a member of the Fairfax Young Democrats, FYD members are dually enrolled as members of the Virginia Young Democrats. The Virginia Young Democrats organization is the state chapter of the Young Democrats of America.

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Executive Board


Camila Alfonzo Meza


Sabrina Mattin


Saddam Azlan Salim

Vice President

Izzy Oldfield


Denver Supinger


Ethan Gardner

Political Director

Emma Slayton

Membership Director

Rebecca Trinh

Social Media Director